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Gas Purging and Tightness Testing 2

Working to industry standards – IGE/UP/1A – Industrial and commercial gas pipework with a volume less than 1m3, also industry standards – IGE/UP/1 – Industrial and commercial gas pipework with a volume of 1m3 and above.

Scope of standards

For natural gas, from the outlet of an emergency control valve (fitted on the end of a gas service owned by the gas transporter – does not apply to services)
Strength testing and tightness testing and direct purging of natural gas, LPG, air (SNG and SMG) and coal gas
What is a strength test?

New industrial and commercial gas pipework will be designed to withstand a strength test pressure (STP) to identify any major flaw in the construction of the new gas installation pipework, prior to carrying out a tightness test.

A strength test shall be carried out on any new industrial and commercial gas pipework installations or extensions to existing commercial gas pipework installations.

Tightness Testing

Tightness testing is carried out to ensure that the industrial and commercial gas pipework is safe for use, or continued use, so as not to cause a hazard or unsafe situation. Tightness testing for all gas pipework installations is carried out at operating pressure.

In a new gas pipework installation, the test is to verify that, within tolerances caused by the finite time for testing and the accuracy of instruments used, pipework is nominally gas tight.

On existing gas pipework installations, the test is to verify that, within the same above tolerances, the pipework is gas tight, within acceptable defined limits.

Even if the tightness test is satisfactory, a smell of gas or presence of gas detected would fail the test and would be required to be traced and repaired.

To ensure your commercial gas installation pipework is monitored and maintained in a safe condition, as set out in The Gas Safety (Installation & Use) Regulations 1998, we advise that all installation pipework be tested and inspected on an annual basis. This can normally be carried out at the same time as the annual gas appliance service visit.


When R&B M&E carry out any of these works, they work to the highest level of industry standards. They will carry out a thorough survey of the gas installation pipework, and familiarise themselves with the installation. Only when they are satisfied that they have all the relevant and correct information required, will they proceed to carry out the works.

Purge and De-Commission

When carrying out a direct or indirect purge, air to gas, or gas to air, our industrial and commercial gas engineers again work to the highest industry standards, with maximum level of planning & supervision.

They will implement all site precautions to be adhered to, thus, ensuring a safe working environment for all parties involved.

When any gas pipework de-commission works are carried out, the same level of expertise and workmanship are implemented, with all de-commissioned pipework left purged to air.

We can provide the complete package of works, from pipework sizing to appliance connection and commissioning, or we can also provide any of the above as a ‘stand alone’ service should you require them.

We can also provide scheduled or reactive out of hours and weekend works, as and when required, to suit your needs.

Our industrial and commercial gas engineers are fully conversant with The Gas Safety (Installation & Use) Regulations 1998, enabling them to give the best advice on ensuring your installation is gas safe compliant with current regulations.

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